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I offer a range of classes in various ironworking methods and processes. I am currently accepting individual clients ages 9 and up (with parent/guardian present) as well as groups. Dress code for all classes as follows: leather shoes or boots, jeans,  t-shirt, work shirt, and head scarf. Bring lots of water because it does get a little warm! Rates include all materials.

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Two hours | $25 per hour/per person

Our Blacksmithing class is designed to get you into the world of a very ancient craft. We start this journey by making a simple garden snake in a two hour session and incorporate many of the techniques that will be used on future projects. You will learn the proper tools to use and heat to work at and have a piece to take home with you. If you want to continue the second project is a matched set of chopsticks to help you refine your technique. After that the projects become your designs to create and finish. The cost  includes all materials.  


Hot Metal Sculpture

Two hours | $25 per hour/per person

In this class you will learn the basics of MIG welding, plasma cutting, and basic metal forming and shaping. You will start by creating a small welding card of all the needed techniques and then weld up a little steel rod friend or creature. Your second project will be to complete two flowers of your choosing. After that, the projects  are of your design. Students in the past have even made furniture!


cold Metal Sculpture

Two hours | $25 per hour/per person

If fire is not your thing, then we can do cold cut projects using a throated shear and various handheld cutters. Shaping and forming are still a part of the process as well as finishing techniques and the use of various rivets for joining the work.  


Hot and cold classes can be combined.